The Baltic Energy Alliance is an open concept organization - a center for excellence, dedicated to gas business and market in the Baltic Sea Region. Nord Stream II, LNG and infrastructure issues will be of main focus here. The potential partners are welcomed.

Baltic Energy Alliance:  active involvement of international business  is essential to guarantee the successful discussion  on Nord Stream 2

An active involvement of an international business players both from East and West is essential to guarantee the diversity and success for large scale multinational energy projects.

Baltic Energy Alliance will focus on gas business in the Baltic Sea Region

Baltic Energy Alliance – the name of a concept organization – a potential center for excellence aimed towards key gas business and policy issues within the Baltic Sea region. It was announced during Baltic Energy Forum in Riga last year officially and is on its way to establishment within 2016 with its potential legal status as a foundation.

Baltic Energy Alliance presented

Nord Stream 2? Shale gas? LNG supplies? Its time to act. The initial concept of Baltic Energy Alliance has been presented in the Baltic Energy Forum 2015

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