Baltic Energy Alliance

The discussion on Nord Stream 2 – one of the main tasks for Baltic Energy Alliance


The concept of Baltic Energy Alliance (BEA) as a potential center for excellency in energy was presented last week in the Baltic Energy Forum 2015 and an active involvement in the Nord Stream 2 project will be one of its main tasks.

Maris Sproga, the developer of  Baltic Energy Alliance: “ Nord Stream 2 is a project that will impact the Baltics and other countries  in the context of common EU energy policy and there has been no any serious discussions apart from emotions so far. Taking into account the vision for Baltic Energy Alliance to be an international center for excellency, dealing with synergy of energy policy and business, a serious analysis and discussion on Nord Stream 2 is of key importance. “

BEA is planning to facilitate and engage in discussions on the energy policy and business within and around the Baltic Sea region. Nord Stream 2, as well as the potentials of LNG, energy infrastructure, market and business issues will be among the main priorities of BEA.

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