Nord Stream 2 fails to adapt to the existing geopolitical situation. The revision of existing course is essential to implement the project.


As reported by Gazprom on 11th of November, its board of directors has approved the termination of the shareholder agreement of Nord Stream 2 AG, the operator of the Nord Stream 2 planned gas pipeline. The decision was made after Polish antimonopoly regulator opposed Gazprom’s planned joint venture with its Western partners- Uniper, Wintershall, Shell, OMV and Engie, argumenting it would restrain competition. This creates a serious issue for Nord Stream 2 as the project financing is at stake and the investment risk gets higher.

Ms. Mara Zepa, Director of Communications, Baltic Energy Alliance: “Although the Nord Stream 2 still might become a success, the situation is very different now since the first string of Nord Stream was put into operation in November 2011. [...]

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An active involvement of an international business players both from East and West is essential to guarantee the diversity and success for large scale multinational energy projects. Such a dialogue will also serve as a good basis  of providing sound arguments on  initiatives of key importance such as Nord Stream 2 development which is currently being interpreted differently and raises a lot of emotional discussions.

As indicated by Mr. Maris Sproga, the developer of Baltic Energy Alliance,  for a  commodity of strategic importance as gas is, it is crucial to evaluate all the pros and cons within an independent center of excellency involving all the relevant stakeholders and to provide balanced arguments for the decision makers while avoiding being populistic. Also the Nord Stream 2 consortium itself has to be a lot more active when dealing with different opionions to clarify the concerns raised over the project in a transparent manner. The proper stakeholder relations is of key importance for a [...]

Baltic Energy Alliance – the name of a concept organization aimed towards key gas business and policy issues within the Baltic Sea region. It was announced during Baltic Energy Forum in Riga, Latvia last year officially and is on its way to establishment this year with its legal status as a foundation. The idea beyond Baltic Energy Alliance (BEA) it is to compensate severe lack of information on main gas business issues related with international energy projects – supply, diversity, infrastructure, tax revenues, price stability or predictability, return on investments and others.

The author of BEA, Mr. Maris Sproga: “ The gas is a strategic commodity and it deserves a special and focused center for excellency when dealing with all the related aspects, especially, when it comes to energy supply and security. And that is of key importance for the Baltic Sea Region, also in the context of the European Union and its energy policies, [...]

Nord Stream 2? Shale gas? LNG supplies? Its time to act. We are presenting the concept of Baltic Energy Alliance in the Baltic Energy Forum 2015






The concept of Baltic Energy Alliance (BEA) as a potential center for excellency in energy was presented last week in the Baltic Energy Forum 2015 and an active involvement in the Nord Stream 2 project will be one of its main tasks.

Maris Sproga, the developer of  Baltic Energy Alliance: “ Nord Stream 2 is a project that will impact the Baltics and other countries  in the context of common EU energy policy and there has been no any serious discussions apart from emotions so far. Taking into account the vision for Baltic Energy Alliance to be an international center for excellency, dealing with synergy of energy policy and business, a serious analysis and discussion on Nord Stream 2 is of key importance. “

BEA is planning to facilitate and engage in discussions on the energy policy and business within and around the Baltic Sea region. Nord Stream 2, [...]

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